Evergreen is a ministry of Cornerstone based on the belief that an active Elder Generation is essential for a viable, holistic, Christ-centered church. The Evergreen goal is to offer ministry to and thru folks who are 50 and over. Believing that Scripture gives voice to the elder generation to be conduits of encouragement, hope, and faith to younger generations, Evergreen invites veteran humans to join in the following mission:

1. Be a cheerful voice giving God the glory for the seasons of life.

2. Be a persistent voice of prayer for the multi-generations at Cornerstone.

3. Be an active voice seeking to help our Pastor and Shana and the other Cornerstone Ministries with help with activities and prayer that support their goals.

4. Be a frequent voice of encouragement to the children and youth at Cornerstone.

You can join Dennis and Melody and Evergreen with these Next Steps:

Lunch and Ministry Fellowships: Come to an Evergreen Luncheon held typically every other month. In addition to food, fellowship, and fun, Melody usually shares how the Lord helps us in the Veteran Human phase of life. We also have activities and projects that support various church ministries.

Sign up to be on the 50 over 50 team. Evergreen recruits at least 50 folks 50 and over to comprise One Strong Prayer team to pray for students in our geographic region. During the school year, you will receive a weekly email recommending a public, private, or home school to pray for as well Chi Alpha and university students. We are convinced that it is our responsibility to pray for our children and youth and we invite you to be active in this intentional Cornerstone Evergreen ministry.