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Doubt It Week 1

Doubt It Week 1 Questions:

Answer these questions with: Never - Sometimes - Always

  • You pray about a big test coming up. Is it okay to doubt God will help you study well and get through it?
  • You have a big test coming up. You haven't studied, but you ask God to give you the right answers anyway. Is it okay to doubt God will make you smarter overnight?
  • You've had a crush on someone for over a year. You pray they'll fall in love with you in time for the school dance. Is it okay to doubt God will come through as your wingman?
  • Your family is experiencing a crisis. You pray for God’s help. Is it okay to doubt that God will fix the problem?
  • It’s time for college applications. You pray for God to get you into your ideal college and for a scholarship. Is it okay to doubt that God will fulfill all your hopes and dreams?
  • You find yourself in a dangerous situation. You ask God to get you out of it. Is it okay to doubt that God will rescue you?
  • You messed up and there are massive consequences. You pray for God’s forgiveness and that people won’t get too hurt by what you did. Is it okay to doubt God will forgive you or make everything okay?
  • You see or hear about something tragic happening in the world. You ask God would fix the problem. Is it okay to doubt God will intervene?

Answer these questions about Psalms 88:

  • What's going on in this Psalm?
  • What is the author's attitude toward God here? What brought you to that conclusion?
  • What part of this Psalm do you identify with most?
  • Did any of this Psalm make you uncomfortable? Which part and why?

Answer these questions after reading Psalms 22:

  • How are Psalm 88 and Psalm 22 different?
  • Psalm 22:3 & 9 both start with the word "yet." Why are these verses so important?
  • What is happening in Psalm 22:11 & 19? What are some reasons you might say something like this to God?
  • In your own words, what is the Psalmist saying in Psalm 22:24-28?

  • How is it encouraging to know you're not alone in your doubts or questions?
  • Why do you think it's helpful to be honest about our doubts or questions with God? What about with others?
  • Have you thought of anyone who you could share your doubts or questions with? Who?

Doubt It Week 2

Doubt It Week 2 Questions:

  • Have you ever needed to prove something to someone? How did it go?
  • Have you ever asked someone to prove something to you? What happened?
  • What's one situation where you'd want to see evidence before making a decision or judgment?
  • What's one situation where you'd be willing to believe something without seeing all the evidence?
  • Is it ever okay to ask God for evidence before we believe or obey Him? Why or why not?

Answer these after reading Judges 6:

  • In verses 12-14, what did Gideon ask? What was the response?
  • In verses 15-16, what did Gideon ask? What was the response?
  • In verses 17 and 21, what did Gideon ask? What was the response?
  • In verses 36-38, what did Gideon ask God to do? How did God respond?
  • In verses 39-40, what did Gideon ask God to do? How did God respond?

  • Do you agree or relate with Gideon and his interactions with God? Why or why not?
  • Do you think God always gives evidence as clearly as He did in this story? Why or why not?
  • What are some examples of times we might ask God to give us evidence today?
  • Why might it mean if we ask God for evidence, but don't receive it in the way we were asking or expecting?

Answer these after reading John 20:24-29:

  • How do you think you would have reacted if you were Thomas?
  • Have you ever felt like Thomas, unable to fully believe in Jesus even though other people are totally convinced? If so, tell us about it.
  • How does it make you feel to hear that God doesn't shame or punish us for asking for evidence before we believe?

  • When it comes to God, do you think you're more feelings-oriented, more logic-oriented, or a little bit of both? Why do you say that?
  • What kind of evidence do we have today that would help us believe in the existence of God?
  • What kind of evidence do we have today that would help us believe in the story of Jesus?
  • Where do we see evidence of God in the following areas . . .
  • PHYSICAL SCIENCES (physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology)
  • BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (zoology, botany, genetics, molecular biology, physiology)
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES (psychology, sociology, anthropology)
  • AFFECTIVE SCIENCES (emotions, facial expressions, body expressions)
Doubt It Week 3

Doubt It Week 3 Questions:

Never Have I Ever:

  • Have never experienced disappointment.
  • Have never experienced things going badly.
  • Have never been rejected.
  • Have never lost something valuable or precious to them.
  • Have never lost out to someone else.
  • Have never experienced sadness.
  • Have always had all their prayers answered the way they wanted.

  • Talk about a time you really hoped something would happen, but it didn't.
  • Have you ever asked God to do something, but God didn't do what you asked? How did that feel?
  • Do you believe God answers prayers? If so, how do you think prayer works? If not, what would it take for you to believe God answers prayers?

  • READ JOB 1:1-5
  • What kind of person does Scripture tell us Job is?
  • READ JOB 1:6-2:10
  • What just happened to Job, and how did Job react?

  • Have you ever asked God a question that never got answered? What did you ask?
  • Have you ever asked God for something that you never received? What was it?
  • Have other people ever tried to comfort you during a tragedy? How did they comfort you, and was it comforting?
  • Do you think God has ever spoken to you like God spoke to Job (minus the whirlwind)? Tell us about it.

Doubt It Week 4

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Read Esther 2-4 to go along with this video!